Sunday, November 03, 2019

Day by Day...and a night or two

A few weeks ago, my paper landed in my yard instead of my porch. 

This has happened before - a substitute carrier or something.

This time, after 7 days of clumping down the stairs and walking around barefoot on the dewy grass, I tried calling Circulation to complain. After 5-6 minutes of hearing "Your call is important to us," I hung up and sent a stinging email about my wish to have my paper on the porch OR CANCEL IT!

I prefaced it by saying that, as a 20-year subscriber, I have heard your daily circulation has dipped dramatically and your Sunday run now has slipped too, so you MIGHT think I am serious and important to you.

Meanwhile, I'll take a peek at the paper online but I think that would encourage them to dismantle the presses and go all online only. I'd rather be a thorn in their side and protect the jobs of longtime pressmen.

Saw the Chick Corea Jazz Trio last night in our fancy 2000 seat Music Center. Signs were posted saying "no photos," but, sitting in the 6th row, I don't know what those behind me were doing but I used my phone to discreetly snap a few.

....until the sweet little old lady seated next to me whipped out her cellphone and fired off three shots with the harsh and startling double-flash each time!

Anybody else like me who had sneaked a photo, quickly put away our phones as two ushers thundered down the aisle to find the "bright" but not discreet culprit!

She was simply told "no photography."

The dire warning signs implied she would be grabbed and man-handled from her seat and dragged screaming up the aisle in front of the shocked Jazz music lovers who didn't have the nerve to attempt taking a (non-flash) photo!

I often wait for the last song and snap a photo  when the audience stands and think "Will this be the time they kick me out NOW?"

I do like how my new phone caught the action onstage only 6 rows away.

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