Sunday, July 21, 2019

An Observation....

Apparently, this is how a family these modern days can all get together for a downtown Saturday Brunch without pesky interruptions from a child.

I assume he was with the others at the table.

However, his folks could have departed and he was left behind.

He would not know until the battery on his Smartphone needed charging.

I mean, people nowadays have to be reminded to look in the back seat when getting out of the car to make sure a dog - or God forbid - a child -  is not left sweltering in a locked car at the Mall.

It's almost a certain death sentence this time of year!

I did not realize such thoughtless and dangerous abandonment was epidemic until I started to push
open a door recently to enter Citadel Mall.

Not the expected "Thank you for shopping at the Mall!" but a reminder to look at your hands to see if they are holding onto your small child.

Or count how many children are with you in case one was late getting out of his or her car seat and now was locked in the quickly warming car.

If so, maybe a more observant adult would see the child trying to escape and somehow summon help or simply smash the car window.

 Seems to be in the news very often these days.

Child and/or pet rescued from steaming car by an alert passerby. Yay!

As I said, just an observation on how things seem to be happening these days.

Stay cool and BE cool.

I have been remiss in writing about a LOT of music and comedy I have enjoyed recently.

This posting is a reminder we live in perilous times if we don't pay attention.

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