Thursday, September 08, 2016

Putting my best face forward...

Even though I have had some luck at being picked as an extra, I am reminded that snapshots are not as effective as professional headshots.

I was asked to be a husband to a delightful actress as a Background couple (BG) in a Shem Creek restaurant scene for a show called WE LOVE YOU, hopefully, to be seen on the YouTube Red subscription network.

Casting people and the film's Director may have a clear image of the character they want...or just a vague feeling. A pro headshot comes in handy in helping them make a decision.

Local production of tv shows has been fairly active and I am pleased that I was chosen as a non-speaking extra to appear on the small screen in season two of VICE PRINCIPALS and the second season of THE INSPECTORS.

Even after the scene has been shot - and after I've signed all the paperwork to be paid - there is no guarantee that it will actually get on the air.

I decided I like doing this and wanted to "up my game" with some professional headshots.

Fortunately, I know Joseph Nienstedt, a multi-talented photographer, who was all set to capture me in several headshots.

Made an appointment and Joe spent well over an hour to get a smiling shot and a more serious one. This way, I could be considered as a happy-go-lucky nice guy with a ready laugh.

Or, as a stuffy judge, politician, or even a sympathetic funeral director.

Maybe a seen-it-all detective or simply a lovable grandfather in a family setting.

Hey, I like all of those options!

I'm still basking in my nice long scene with actress Sheila Cochran where the two of us reacted to a scruffy, battered, bleeding guy
who shuffles toward us. Sheila is a great "hospital screamer!"

This is in the Adam Sandler film THE DO-OVER, that started streaming since Memorial Day on Netflix.

Ok, I have my new headshots and will send them when applying for roles in a tv show or movies filming nearby. It's a good, fun thing to do when you're retired.

And, best of all when you're picked and you nail it.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

About the only time I write in cursive is my signature. Maybe I'll get to do autographs some day.

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At Tue Sep 13, 05:52:00 AM , Blogger Paul said...

Ah, life at the top! Soon,you may have to move out of SC and head west! :)


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