Thursday, March 03, 2016

A Downtown EXPERIENCE...

It's called the Jimi Hendrix "Experience."

I've had "it" a few times before and even once in Washington, DC in Constitution Hall.

Chris "Whipper" Layton kept a steady beat for most of the show at the Gaillard Center last Sunday evening.

It was good to see Jonny Lang again.

His facial expressions showed he was really into his music.

It was fun trying to catch a special moment of his intensity with my camera.

And all this time I thought Buddy Guy had emotive facial tics as he played!

In fact, when they played side-by-side, it was great watching their interplay.

Buddy Guy did not do his famed walk through the crowd this time.

The Gaillard's 1800+ seats were sold out but most people were not seated, they were standing during the entire nearly three-hour show.

Anyone who was seated hopped to their feet as Zakk Wylde cornered the stage - both sides and in the middle - back and forth.

Then, he jumped from the stage and went up both aisles, playing like mad.

A crew member scampered behind Wylde, trying to keep the very, very long mic cord untangled.

You can see Zakk, playing in the midst of raised Smartphones, as he headed back down the aisle to get back onto the stage.

After waiting three years to be back in the hall, I am pleased with the diverse shows I have seen in this nice-sounding music center.

I was watching closely as Henri Brown sang and waited for the moment he would pop his eyes wide open and really connect with the audience.

These close-ups of facial expressions reminded me there have not been any JumboTron screens at any of the shows I've seen so far.

I have been sitting down front, close to the stage, but I wonder about those patrons high up and far away in the balconies.

There was a large LED-lighted screen on stage but it acted as a moving background for the performers.

There probably is a formula for what needs to be added for optimum viewing in a venue. I have not seen large screens for the audience in use either at the PAC (Performing Arts Center) although many shows have used them at the Coliseum.

So, I'll keep trying the get seats very close to the stage.

I like being able to see the subtle twinkle in the eye as a performer connects with the crowd.

(Click on the photos and the links for more details.)

I wanted to add a close-up shot of Eric Johnson, with his lime green electric guitar.

And Kenny Wayne Shepherd as his hair whipped from side-to-side in rhythm with his music.

People in the back may not have noticed these details.

Welcome back Gaillard Center.

Keep on supporting live music!

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