Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Now you see you don't.

My brothers and I grew up in downtown Charleston and enjoyed walking over to Colonial Lake on our way to making mischief and getting into trouble in the harbor. 

Jerry, my older brother,  once actually took off his shoes and tried to walk around in the Lake's shallow water.

That made sense.
"Ugh! Icky mud. Eewee," was his report as I recall.

He led by example. 
Dennis and I never tried to wade there.

The Sgt. Jasper apartments were not built then so I don't recall any high-rise background. But, I was a kid so most things looked tall.

Joan Perry, a friend of mine - and fellow Blogger (Charleston Daily Photos) - took this picture around the holidays, before the whole area was cordoned off for a year-long restoration project.

Lately, the demise of the now-empty 14-story apartment building has been in the news and neighbors are protesting proposed building planned for the desirable, downtown location.

I got curious as how much I could do to simulate the soon-to-be empty parcel of land.

Thanks to the Clone brush on my Photoshop Elements 10, I made the whole thing disappear. "Poof!"

The trick was to fill in the now-empty space with trees and sky. I also had to deal with the reflection of the Sgt. Jasper on the lake's surface.

It turned out not too bad.

I will wait until I hear what the builders finally get approval to start construction before I dabble with the Charleston skyline again.

The neighbors probably would like it to stay this way.

(Click on the before and after shots.)

I could add a grocery store.

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At Sat Feb 21, 06:32:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

Nice job. I only hope the new project won't be taller. I like that we don't have buildings too high.


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