Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Interesting weather....

A few days ago I hosted an out-of-town photographer friend and we rallied through a rainy, foggy weekend.

Got sort of damp but never really soaked. We deftly stepped inside the Sand Dollar Social Club on Folly Beach as a cell of tremendous rain slowly passed, dumping torrents of water down from the sky.

My white Saturn was parked at the curb and, as I watched, the gutter filled, then overflowed toward the front door.

Inside, bar regulars were recounting the many time such a storm had hit at high tide and a barrier had to be put in place to keep out the watery invader.

This was happening at low tide and fortunately, quickly subsided.

It was too wet for a chance to hike out past the washout surfing part of the beach to the end of the island.

Wanted to have my friend try some shots of the iconic lighthouse, sitting out from shore on the "missing" Morris Island.

Back in the 1930s, my folks had rowed out there and the lighthouse keeper gave them a tour and a walk around the grounds - when there still was property - and of his house.

 But, while the weather kept changing, there was no rain at White Point Gardens.

Here he got to share our splendid views of the many oak trees.

Did not get to show him Angel Oak but we toured the historic Market area and saw many souvenir paintings and photos of that huge, rugged 1,500 year old woody survivor.

Throughout the weekend, we dodged rain, endured fog and low clouds and spent a lot of time indoors.

I wanted him to be dazzled as the sunlight made the cables on the Ravenel Bridge give the appearance of full sails in the harbor.

That is what the designers planned and we certainly have seen that effect on bright, shiny days.

Instead, he snapped this shot while I kept my eyes on the road.

This was taken with his iPhone camera.

Then, as I drove, he fiddled with built-in processing controls and created this high-contrast "sketch."

I like the raindrops on the windshield.

I wish he had been in town a few days earlier.

A bright moon in the afternoon sky was a bit unusual for me to capture on New Year's Eve..

Different from the usual night view, seen against a coal black sky.

The tree branches in the foreground were a bonus too,  not usually seen in a night photo.

It also was clear.

No rain nor fog.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

Keep in mind, I did NOT take the photo on the Ravenel.  Both of my hands were on the wheel, eyes watching the road and traffic.

We are polite and want our visitors to be safe.

*This is my 799th posting on my 8-year old blog. Hmm, works out to about 100 per year.
My tracking program show viewers in all 50 states, two U.S. Territories (Guam and Puerto Rico), and 167 foreign countries.

Hope something neat and worthwhile happens for my 800th one!

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At Thu Jan 08, 12:37:00 PM , Blogger Elvin said...

Great capture of the majestic oak trees at White Point Gardens. Also, thanks for including my "sketched up" photo of Ravenel Bridge. I had posted this same photo in Instagram. And like you, I had to include a blurb about me being a passenger, lest I receive comments about safety.

At Fri Jan 09, 03:51:00 PM , Blogger Ian May said...

This was a most interesting read, Chuck!


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