Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Uh oh, your Visa card was denied."

Look at that face. Awww.

Rhett, the black lab, is a constant ally to Kay Hastings, owner of the CPU (Contract Postal Unit) in a mall in North Chas.

She and her husband own two such off-site centers. The other one is in West Ashley, 1124 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard at Orange Grove Road.

Rhett seems genuinely sad that the transaction did not go through.

Stamp him disappointed.

As the link explains, the US Post Office tries to save money - and better serve the public - with "Mom & Pop" stores in such sites as CVS , Wal-Mart and in small malls.

These are not staffed by USPS employees and the service is limited basically to weighing and shipping boxes and selling stamps.
 I found this 3-year old store by accident.

Walked into the North Charleston post office and saw about 20 people in line and took out my Smartphone to have Google direct me to the nearest postal facility.

It showed one less than 2 miles away. Huh?

I have stood in line in this Rivers Avenue P.O. many times in the past, often just to hand over a paperback book to mail to a member of my book swap club.

Needless to say, I now stop here first to mail and buy stamps. It's in North Pointe Plaza, 7400 Rivers Avenue, by the Wal-Mart off Ashley Phosphate.

Kay told me the dog is well known and loved.

She pointed out several "doggy" holiday cards that had been mailed to him.

Other articles I've read say the CPU is not always successful. Many close because they just don't do enough business to earn a good income.

Apparently Kay found a way to increase walk-in traffic - and sales - by also operating a Liberty Tax Service office in both locations.

It was explained to me that such a tax service is not limited to the 3-month "tax season."

People come in all year long to get extensions and advice, not just to file a return before April 15.

And, if they need stamps, boxes for mailings, they are available right there.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

I have friends who have a birthday close enough to Christmas that cards are produced featuring Santa and the Stork side-by-side.

Guess I'll keep an eye out for a doggy card.
Rhett will give it his stamp of approval.

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At Fri Jan 02, 08:40:00 AM , Blogger Not Waving But Drowning said...

My guess would be that anybody planning on mailing drugs does a quick 180 when they spot this postal worker on duty.


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