Friday, December 26, 2014

Fresh fish Yes .....but no waffles.

 Well, I try to get around and keep an eye on new things that pop up.

Case in point: I have driven by this corner location for about 14 years. It's on Remount Road in North Charleston, on the edge of Hanahan.

For most of that time it was a paint & body shop.

Then that closed. For a long, long time.

Saw some workers there recently and some equipment being hauled inside.

Ta-Da.  Fulford Fish is now open for business.

Fresh seafood in one door and take-away plates and sandwiches in the other.

Spoke with A.J. Fulford, the owner (he also had the auto repair business there) and he suggested I try the very, very fresh scallops.

Or the local shrimp.
Or oysters.
Crab legs too.
Big ones.

Did I mention the Blue Claw Crabs?

When I'm out dining, I usually ask if the shrimp are "local" and I've heard various answers.

I like YES, they are! None of that "Well, sure.....from the Gulf."

Apparently I have not been paying close attention when I'm driving on Savannah Highway/

How could I have missed Boxcar Betty's.

As their site says, they offer high end chicken sandwiches. Check out the menu.

I was embarrassed to find they've been open about 8 months. In my defense, I have been on a diet that is not too excited about "fried."

Close by is Early Bird Diner where I had my first chicken & waffles.

So I asked and the young lady at the register pointed to the large menu printed on a wall.

Looks like they had sized up the competition and were staying with their target of high-end fried chickens on an array of sandwiches.

Don't think they would make me one with grilled chicken.

I also have had chicken & waffles at Rarebit on upper King Street. (Pre-diet).

And at Bay Street Biergarten.

Hmm. You'd think you could get that interesting combo at Waffle House or Huddle House?

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Before I started the diet, I was getting into craft beers.

Plenty of THAT going on around here. And, of course, my heritage of fried, fried, fried.

Well I like the weight loss and being able to keep it off.

Mmmm. A golden waffle, melted butter and syrup.

I miss fried.

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