Saturday, September 27, 2014

McCartney was in another band before Wings?

So Paul, John, George and Ringo came to town Friday and put on a rousing show at the Charleston Music Hall.

The group is called 1964 The Tribute  and three decades ago they started doing Beatles songs, clothes, haircuts, accents, mannerisms and even actual quips uttered by the originals.

The highly-appreciative audience liked when, midway through the show,  John announced "here's an oldie."

They formed in 1964 and have been fine tuning the "Fab Faux" presentation over the last 30 years.

The sound is pretty darned close and they play and sing in the style of each member of the original band.

The banter - Ringo and George are zinger targets - is spot on, as they say, and there are factual references and selections played from the early albums. All sounded very familiar to me.

True fans were pleased and sang along on every song. I saw some youngsters who probably were there with their grand parents.

I sat next to a man who had seen the real Beatles in a 1965 concert in Indianapolis. I attended my Beatles '65 concert in San Diego.

We both laughed and said this time we could hear the lyrics.

It was an early show, starting at 7:30 and ending around 9:30 after an intermission and an encore.

The show's promoter opened the show and said he had been asked if there was a Senior Citizen discount. He said "Yes, that's what's printed on the ticket.

In the spirit of the evening, I took a moment to set my camera to shoot some shots in black and white.

As I recall, all three Sunday nights of the Ed Sullivan Show were not broadcast in color when the British Invasion started in the early sixties.

Or, maybe our tv at home was not a color receiver.

The final song of the encore had the audience dancing in the aisles and doing the twist while standing.

John smiled as the applause died down and said "ONE more song? We had planned to do four but one it will be!"

He added, it was a medley of four songs so there you are.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Years ago I had seen an excellent Elvis impersonator.

I remember the fervor of the fans as they again enjoyed seeing a performer they had missed.  

I think members of a tribute band carry that feeling and strive to recreate a pleasurable time in music history.

Worked for me.

It was an Easy Day's Night.

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