Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm About A PINT Low....

If you spot someone wearing this stretchy "red badge of courage," they probably just donated blood.

I had not seen this before but, then, I had not been to the Red Cross Blood Donor center before.

According to statistics, most people just never think about it.

An article in the paper the other day reminded me - and hopefully everyone else - that donations had dropped to an all time low.
The long weekend for the 4th of July was mentioned as a possible cause as many donors were away.

The article had caught my eye.

Only a few days before, I was talking with my doctor's office and mentioned I had no idea what my blood type was. *

"On your next blood test, they can type it for you. There will be an additional cost, " the nurse mentioned.

Hmm. I could do a good thing and receive a bonus of learning a basic fact about my body and it's precious fluid.

The paperwork and a check of my vitals (pulse, blood pressure and temperature) at the West Ashley ARC Donor Center took about 15-20 minutes.

Sitting back in the comfortable lounge, the actual collecting of a pint of my blood took only 6 minutes.

I didn't even open the red cover paperback I had brought.

And, it was painless. These ladies are VERY good at what they do!

"Is 6 minutes a new record?" I asked. I was told there have been 3 minute donations. Yikes.

That person could just double park out front in Harrell Square on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard.

Pop In, donate a pint and pop out.

It was suggested I go to the refreshment table, get rehydrated and eat a small snack.

If you're going to feel woozy or faint, that would be a good place to be.

I felt fine and talked with two donors who were eating popcorn and drinking sodas.

They each had donated many, many times and welcomed me into the club.

We exchanged names and the lady asked if I by any chance knew a Dennis Boyd.
I smiled and said I was at my brothers house the night before with his visiting son and family and three of his wife's sisters.

I learned we had mutual friends back in Bishop England high days.

When the school was still downtown on Calhoun Street.

I've been dieting so I chose just one small packet of chocolate chip cookies to go along with my bottled water.

As I said, now I was "down a pint" and water intake is encouraged.

Hot, humid July days in Charleston means drinking lots of water is good.

According to Red Cross documents, I could give another donation in about two months.

In 56 days to be precise.

But, I don't think I'll just double park and run inside.

Want to stick around for some delicious cookies. Even a diet allows for this.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Also be sure to check the link to the Red Cross.

They still need donors.

And people still will need blood.

Maybe even someone you know.

*Here's an update: I found my blood type is AB+

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