Thursday, August 14, 2014

CSN at the PAC...

 Of course I remember their music!

Crosby Stills Nash came to town Tuesday and I was seated right down front.

Noticed when I came in, there was a much larger section of the parking lot reserved for those with handicap parking stickers.

A lot more.

I did see a few younger people in the crowd...probably there with their grandparents.

But the crowd loved all the songs. The old ones from four decades ago and some fresh new material.

Someone shouted out "Happy birthday, David!" but I checked later and found it's actually August 14th.

He's 73 today.

They sounded good and showed a lot of stamina. Still got it!

I was seated next to a couple who had driven down from Roanoke, Virginia and they said this was one of their all time best musical groups.

They knew the band would be in their hometown (tonight I think) but they could not get tickets! It was sold out.

Time to drive south.

"I've always wanted to visit Charleston so this is a special time for us," the wife said.

"David is my husband's favorite so could you take a picture for me? My phone camera stinks," she added.

Stephen Stills is a fantastic lead guitar.

He would play a spell then wander stage right up to the edge and fans had their cameras clicking.

Well, some were iPhones but I did see several DSLRs too.

Ushers had told the crowd when we came in no flash photography please and no video recordings.

Seem like a fair exchange. I got to take pictures and they were not bothered by flashes.

They put up with those distracting bright lights for four decades. Used to be flash cubes or bulbs. Yikes.

I lost track of how many guitars were used during the show but they are not shy about praising the company that makes their choice instruments.

It's nice to listen to a band that is known for its harmony singing...and they still work well together.

We heard some peace songs and some protest songs and other Vietnam-era music. And some Dylan.

And a few songs by each from their respective former bands.

David, Stephen and Graham are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice.

As a group and as members of The Hollies, The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield.

Here's two extra shots of David Crosby for the husband who drove down from Virginia.

Not sure if any of the band mentioned what was in the stainless steel travel mugs.

It might have been coffee or an energy drink.

This diet I'm on discourages me from sipping beers while I'm at a concert but, I did have one at dinner through.


(Click on the photos for more details.)

Having a good camera and being seated in the second row, it's fun to share what I've seen.

Some people drove all the way down from Virginia.

I'm glad the sun finally came out while they were here.

(Oh. Today is the 45th anniversary of Woodstock!)

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At Fri Aug 15, 12:24:00 PM , Anonymous mahi said...

Chuck thank you so much for the awesome pictures! I was so happy to be seated next to someone who loved them as much as we did and being kind enough to share these fabulous pictures with us. You saw the terrible pics my phone CSN made the drive from VA worth the while and we would do it again in a heartbeat! Like I said, if your ever in the Roanoke area and off your diet...we can go check out some of the local breweries! Keep in touch...mahi & dave


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