Friday, April 04, 2014

Blogging about bloggers...

A few months ago I wrote about a Charleston Bloggers meetup I tried to attend at the West Ashley Barnes & Noble.

No problem finding the large bookstore.

The manager walked me over to a corner of the store - by the DVDs and CDs - and I saw folded chairs stacked.

I sat and waited for the others to arrive. One other person showed up a few minutes later.

We chatted as we waited and even sent some emails asking where were the rest of the group.

Well, after an hour she and I left.

We later discovered the group had been in session at the store - but in the coffee area with wall plugs for laptops. Duh.

The manager had lead us astray.

The next month I found 5-6 others gathered and we had some nice conversations about Web Logs.

(Web  Logs...get it?)

Last night I went again and saw some familiar faces and a few new ones.  J. Mark Diaz, the moderator, and I had missed meeting before and he explained that the original founder  - a very busy lawyer - had asked him to take over the leadership as the Coordinator.

I mentioned there had been a large group of Bloggers organized locally years ago when this part of the web was still very new. The Post and Courier had semi-recognized us as a group and we were featured in a column that ran for about a year.
One of those early bloggers, Geoff Marshall, was from England and he had taken an extensive cross-country drive before he returned to London.

Geoff had already been to Hawaii and Alaska, so his blog postings included his good and bad adventures in the "lower 48."

One stop was at Mt. Rushmore and he posed - as thousands do each year - with his face on the far right.
I converted it to black & white and embellished his features to have a more granite look.

Unlike the Queen Victoria saying, he "WAS amused."

Glad to be part of this newer incarnation of bloggers and wannabes.

Hope they all achieve what they attempt on the internet.

I sure have!

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

Thanks for stopping by. Stay and have a coffee.

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At Sat Apr 05, 09:27:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

hen I first arrived at B&N I asked at the information booth located in the central point of the store if they were aware of a bloggers' meeting. The first person I asked, a very cute young lady, who looked at the syllabus on the counter. She said there was a writer's meeting later in the month but no bloggers that she could find. She asked another employee, a tall young fella, who shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know of one but there was a corner over in the music section in which most meetings occurred. I thanked them both and began wandering the shelves. In the bargain section the bery cute young lady ran up to me to let me know there was a bloggers meeting which was happening right now in the coffee area. I thanked her and began to meander over when I saw a gray haired man who looked familiar. I asked if he was Chuck. You said yes and we headed over to the table you have imomortalized in your captured pixals.


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