Sunday, March 30, 2014

More "sax" appeal....

At first I thought he was just holding an extra saxaphone for a fellow band member.

But, then Matt Thomas started playing both of them.


Later, another man joined the "brass section" and both saxes were heard again.

I got a shot of that fleeting moment by the Dirty Bourbon River Show at the Pour House a few night ago.

I've seen them several times before and it's always like going to a musical New Orleans Brass Circus.

There's even a Ringmaster..."Big Charlie" Skinner.

The center of attention - as always - is lead singer, guitar, cornet and keys, Noah Adams.

What a loosely-packed bundle of kinetic energy!

The challenge for my camera that night was to capture the squeezebox at maximum extension.

No easy feat as they romped along at their usual frantic pace.

Drummer "Boots" Schindler was at warp speed most of the night.

An older couple on my left - he in a coat and tie -  FINALLY got up for a brief slow dance. Surely their first time at the PoHo.


Bassman Jimmy Williams would alternate his 4-string instrument and heft up his Sousaphone and rock the sound system. (I looked it up: a Sousaphone is a giant Tuba.)

In a rare moment, everybody seemed to gravitate toward stage right (our left).

I was able to catch the entire troupe fairly close together.

As a photographer, these  are treasured moments.

There was a guest hornman at the far left but I did not get his name.

I retired from a newspaper so don't get hung up on names as much these days.

I'm there for the whiskey-soaked sounds of this New Orleans band.

According to their website's map, they have slowly invaded the Southeast and - basically - the lower right hand quarter of the U.S.

Looks like a gradual takeover, spreading the gospel of their feel-good music.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

The Ringleader doffed his heavy coat with epaulettes.

This 3-ring circus was hot!

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