Saturday, December 07, 2013

A Walk In The Park...

The predicted rain showers did not appear this Saturday morning so I went to my first Tai Chi In The Park session.

This local MeetUp group meets monthly in, well, in a park.

Last month it was in Azalea Park in Summerville.

The January outdoor training event will be at the Battery, in White Point Gardens, next to the gazebo.

With benefits including movement, balance and healing. Tai Chi is a good way to stay active I have been told.

Turns out I was the only first-timer there today.

One lady had attended once before but the rest were very agile and much smoother in their movements than I.

I saw a squirrel in Park Circle that outperformed my efforts.

It was much more activity than I anticipated.

It was NOT just a Slo-Mo type of line dance, these people broke a sweat as they performed the ritual steps, dips, twists and hand movements.

Later Saturday, North Charleston would have a celebration at Park Circle, officially opening the festive holiday season lights.

Cars will slowly drive around the circle as riders ooh and aah at the annual Christmas spectacle.

As the Tai Chi session ended, the leader had added leg kicks. I was using muscles "in my core" that I had not really thought about before.

He encouraged us to "float" with the motions as we "went with the flow" or "pushed away."

My muscles are feeling the effects now. In a good way.

It was suggested that I get some books about Tai Chi to be better informed and I will. I also have found some DVDs online that demonstrate the "first four positions."

Another mentions the "first eight steps" so I don't see this as a fast education. It seems like a healthy discipline worth learning.

I'll leave all the technical and background explanations to people who have studied  this internal martial art that is practiced for both defense training and for its health benefits.

When I was in San Francisco, I saw groups like this outdoors and admired the slow movements and feeling of calm and mental clarity.

We all can use some of that.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

Thanks for stopping by.

It was a nice day in the Park (Circle).

Drive by at night to see the lights.

Stay limber.

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