Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Shirts optional .....

Monday nights at The Sparrow near Park Circle offers various adventures.

They said they wanted to draw in a crowd on a "slow" weekday night and it works.

This is where a few months ago I saw a guy on stage have people attach dollar bills to his body.... with an industrial strength staple gun.

He didn't even flinch.

I did for him.

Went there last night to hear four (4) "rockabilly" bands. Or maybe it was "Gypsy" music?
Was supposed to start around 9pm but was closer to 10:00 before the first trio began the evening.

Saw a trend start early - men in the bands would take off their shirts and display their ink.

I was told all four groups were on the same label  and toured under the banner of Wayward Parade.

The sound and lights guy was asked to crank the volume up and lower the lights. Bad for my camera but my ear plugs made sure I enjoyed the sound.

Oh, another thing, the bands formed their own "mosh pit," bringing some of the instruments down into the swirling crowd. I missed the shot when a bandsman whizzed by on a unicycle. Didn't see that one coming.

I did watch the man playing his upright bass as he worked his way over to the door and then stepped outside - still playing.

I followed him out and caught a shot as he headed back in.

That one I could anticipate.

When the third band ended, I finished up my beer and was preparing to leave.

Cami Kind, the co-owner of The Sparrow, said "You're going to miss the headliner Tex Railer's Doomstown."

Looking at my watch, I saw it was only 12:30am, so I ordered another Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout.
Retired means you get to sleep in when you're out and about late.

A lot of the pictures I took were much too dark to reproduce.

Really too dark to even try.

The crowd shot in front of the stage is just barely passable and probably I'm the only one who can make out what's shown.

That's because I was there.

With my shirt on.

Did I mention The Sparrow serves its draft beers in a Mason jar?

I'll have to check and see if that's a proper pint.

When they opened about a year ago, City Paper detailed the menu of really good bar food.

Lots of meat and cheese.

And things deep-fried.

Tonight the interest was on the music.

And a beer or two.

I know this picture looks like a nude band but mainly only shirts were removed.

Well,  the drummer did add a scarf but he wore only shorts.

The guitar man is wearing light colored jeans, stuffed into his boots.

Nobody in this particular band had a visible tattoo.

That you could easily see.

In the dim light.

(Click on the pictures for more detail.)

At some of the venues I go to, the regulars don't even show up until 11:00 pm.

Saw two people come in here about 12:15.

They paid the $5 cover charge.

Thanks for hanging out till the wee hours.

Hope you can sleep in.

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