Thursday, May 30, 2013

Having a beer at Mixson Market...

My younger brother called and asked if I wanted to go on a mini-Photo walk to test out his new camera.

I had already planned to stop by a beer-tasting event by Allagash Brewing Company from noon to four on Sunday.

We agreed to see what photo ops would present themselves at Mixson Market over in the Park Circle neighborhood.

Even if there was nothing to photograph, I would enjoy the Allagash Tap Takeover and sip some of their fine Black, a Belgian style stout.

There was PLENTY to take pictures of at this growing "urban community" that was about as far from a typical housing tract as could be!

The friendly pourer was Les Addis, in charge of Southeast Sales for Allagash.

I told Les I had had their white on tap around town but had not seen the black very often as a draft choice.

He took care of that need.

At his suggestion I tried a flight of 4 small 4 oz. samples of their Dubbel, Tripel, the black and Curieux.

My brother and I wandered around looking at some of the homes already built.

The map showed where we were standing in the proposed very large community along Durant Avenue.

The development hit a snag during the financial slowdown but has picked up steam again.

I am quick to explain these two buildings were shot with my Fish eye Lens Effect setting.

It causes distortion, curves and contortions NOT envisioned by the architects.

The pinkish building on the left reminded me vaguely of a  visit I had made to Amsterdam a few years ago..

No. Not a flashback to a "coffee shop" experience.

The "stacked" roof line had a definite Dutch look. Really.

If you've been there, you would see it too. Maybe.

Live music was provided by the Local Honeys, a smiling trio set up with construction going on behind them.

It appeared to be a series of structures of corrugated metal.

One looked like a large silo.

I thought the ladders added a constructive touch.

Found myself humming along to a song they were playing and realized it was "If I only had a brain" from The Wizard of Oz. Don't hear that everyday.

Meanwhile, inside the Market, I saw it was really a grocery store for the people living around it.

And a deli, bodega and cafe. It's a place to buy the kids an ice cream cone or to pick up some sun block.

Or buy milk and bread from the in-house bakery. Neat place for the residents.

As people came in and out, Les would fill their Allagash beer needs. Bratwurst sandwiches and other small snacks were available.

I noticed this locator sign when my brother and I arrived and parked.

The pink area seems to be what I was seeing where I stood, surrounded by very active construction.

I saw a marker for Summey Street.

When you look at images of the overall projected layout online, it does not state "You Are Here."

Because we were so close - and my brother Dennis had not been there - we drove on up to the Circle and around to Montague Street East. I wanted to take a look at DIG in the park.

Lots of improvements in the outside seating area. They've added an outdoor bar and colorful umbrellas on the large patio.

My brother had a chance here to experiment with a feature on his camera that clicks three times, while bracketing the exposures. The "normal" shot and one slightly over-exposed and another a little under, then combines the trio.

Shadow details show even on a bright sunny afternoon.  Very cool, Bro.

Before we left the Mixson Market area, I spotted a happy couple.

They "hammed it up" in a picture for me.

I knew not to "trifle" with her.

They seemed a perfect match.

(Click on the photos for more detail.)

Oh, if you've ever been served a "flight" of beer, you noticed the paddle that's used to hold the 4 (or 5) glasses.

Met Brendan Sweeney who makes them. He had a small booth set up. His paddles were being used inside.

His company is called The slogan is "try everything."

Too bad I still had my camera set for taking a fisheye view.

When you meet him, he'll look differently.

I showed this picture to his wife and the newly-weds had a private laugh.

Use the fisheye lens effect responsibly.

Thanks for stopping by.

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