Monday, October 22, 2012

The swaying Canadian suspension bridge....

We had taken the morning ferry and were looking at a map in North Vancouver. We're looking for a famous "hanging"  bridge nearby.

 The big surprise was hopping on a city bus down by the ferry boat landing and riding up the hills in the suburbs.

Past all the chain fast food places and a few shops that clearly were Canadian.

The yellow pull cord pings and the bus slows to a stop. Huh?

The crowd starts to get off and we ask "is this the bridge?" 

The driver points across the street to the entrance of a woody nature park.

Yep, this is it. I can see some tall totems just inside the gate.

Nice neighbourhood.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is impressive.

Overheard a guide tell a nervous lady that the bridge was strong enough to support it completely filled with people - stacked 7 high.

I was ready to venture out.

Nobody was being placed on top of another.

As the link explains, it's a woody park with the Capilano River running white water 200 feet below the bridge.

If that's not daring or daunting enough,  you also can "space walk" out on an arc that juts out from the side of a mountain.

Or climb up to a series of walkway-connected tree houses high above the forest floor.

Remember, this is just a few blocks away from a drive-through McDonald's.

And, back in Vancouver,  we still planned to visit the Jimi Hendrix Shrine at the Backpackers Hostel.

That's another kind of high near Chinatown.

With our feet firmly back on the ground, we found tranquil little parks in the midst of downtown high rise.

The excellent ground and water transportation system opens the whole area to visitors.

A Hop On - Hop Off bus offered a variety of drivers as you explored the city.

The slogan is "Very friendly and informative with a great sense of humour."

(Click on the photos for more detail).

It is so much fun to relive a vacation by editing photos!

Double your pleasure.


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