Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spoleto. A look back....

SPOLETO. A wonderful celebration-of-the-arts festival.

It's also very strict about photography and crowds.

This was a 2nd night performance by the New Orleans group "Rebirth Brass Band."
Sitting in the first row at the Cistern Yard , I could see barricades on both sides of the stage. And the stairs in the center front were blocked with a velvet rope.

About an hour into the program, the barriers were dropped, the dancing crowds surged forward and cameras appeared everywhere.

Including mine as I snapped the nine performers and the happy party that had just erupted.

Sometimes cameras are ignored and sometimes they are not.

The audience at the Sottile Theater for TRACES was amused when the announcer said "Keep your cell phone on so you don't miss a call."

Then he added"Take flash pictures although it might blind the acrobat and cripple him for life. "And "Shoot videos to show your friends and family what you enjoyed here today."

Tongue was firmly in cheek so my camera remained dormant. Well, until the end as we filed out.

I wanted to have a reminder of the former Gloria Theater I remembered from my youth.

(Click on the photos to see more details.)

Piccolo Spoleto is a slightly different story.

Lots of acts and not too much concern about cameras.

I enjoyed quite a few this year and that'll be in another post.

Thanks for stopping by.

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