Tuesday, May 01, 2012

String me up!

I bought this coupon that would save me money on fine tuning my guitar.

It was way past time to do this.

Phil Thomas of Shem Creek Music Center agreed it was sorely needed.

Apparently, having the initial set of strings for 12 years is not the accepted practice.

"Practice" is another word I had abused. Months would go by before I even picked up the guitar.

My first - and only - guitar teacher asked if I were trying to use the chords he taught me.

I admitted not exactly.

No, I would think about it usually on the morning of my weekly lesson. We parted ways.

I was becoming embarrassed by my cavalier attitude.

Phil was a man who played and loved musical instruments.

I was a wise a** who didn't appreciate nor take care of his Yamaha guitar.

At my home, the guitar sat out in plain view when people would visit.

Many asked if I played. I admitted I did not.

Some would pick it up, adjust the tuning and play a bit.

I enjoy acoustic and do plan to find a teacher I will click with and give learning another more serious try.

Phil announced the new strings had been tuned and it was ready to go.

Now, it was up to me to take the next step.

(Click on the pictures for a larger image.)

I chatted with a few of the customers who stopped by while Phil cleaned, oiled and shined up my guitar.

A music teacher needed a new book for her piano student; a young fellow who's mom dropped him off needed one string replaced on his guitar; a bearded carpenter came in for a new harmonica. The last guy suggested I catch some open mic nights and drive up to Awendaw Green.

Phil handed me the strings package and pointed out he had written the date when they were strung.

He advised me to keep track and know when to replace them.

My "lessons" had already started.

Thanks Phil.

I think I learned a lot today.

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Great post!


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