Sunday, April 29, 2012

That's 1-800-DELBERT....

The good news is Delbert McClinton put on a birthday show for me in Myrtle Beach.

Well, he didn't know it was my birthday.

But if he had, he probably would have signed something for me.

The man works hard, appreciates his fans and loves to sign whatever they hand him at the end of the show.


This night he signed a $20 bill, ticket stubs, bar napkins, a few t-shirts, several extended hands,a baseball cap and a big bra.

Yep, a lady handed it up and he placed a cup over his knee and signed his name.

He always makes eye contact as he hands items back to the crowd reaching up to him onstage.

I've seen him several times before and signing things for his fans is a regular feature.

He announced the dates for his next "Sandy Beaches Cruise" where fans are entertained on a ship with several ports of call and other entertainers.

Then he said it was the last cruise.

"So, call 1-800- DELBERT for all the information and get onboard."

Then, laughing, he added "For all your North Floridians, you better write that down...1-800-DELBERT."

I've described before how the House of Blues encourages you to have dinner there before the show.

You present your receipt to the security guys and you queue up in a special line to be admitted first.

I used to do that so I could be in a spot right up at the front of the stage.

Lately though, I liked to get in first to grab one of the few stools scattered around and have a place to sit down during the show.

Worked out very good because you're admitted an hour before the performance. That's a lot of standing.

Uh oh. Looks like House of Blues wants to get every dollar they can so they've added a few more stools but the rush to get one now has a price tag.

While I was standing in line, I heard a fan behind me say she had just heard that Delbert was about 71 years old.

She was carrying a special purse he had signed for her on one of the fan cruises.

"I knew he has played for a long time, but had no idea he was that old."

I turned to her and said "I just hope I can do half what he does when I get to be 71."

She kept smiling as I added "Of course, I just turned 73 today so I guess I'd have to call him Junior."

Delbert and I both stood during the entire concert.

(Click on the pictures for more detail.)

HOB does seem to have backed off from prohibiting cameras.

No more signs warning you.

No reactions from security when a flash goes off.

Looks like cell phone cameras have made a big difference.

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At Mon Apr 30, 06:33:00 AM , Anonymous Rod said...

I did this at a Tool concert at the Verizon and we had a liberty activist with tickets to the show do that.


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