Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In China, It's Called Just "Food."

New to Charleston - and Mt. Pleasant - P.F. Chang's opened a few months ago in Towne Centre.

Not Chinese food. It's called a "China Bistro."

There's been one in Myrtle Beach for quite a while.

One of their two trademark guard horses overlooks Highway 17 and the other, the parking lot.

The bartender I talked to said the use of brick and wood was done to reflect the Lowcountry feeling.

"Each Bistro has a distinctive mural," she added.

The main dining room has a 5-panel mural that looked to me sort of like an oak tree.

That certainly would work here.

But, instead of having leaves, it appears to bear cherry blossoms?

Then I noticed that the bar is a pass-through design. There are stools for service outside as well as tables.

A nice covered open air patio is equipped with gas heaters and shades that pull down when it's bright and sunny.

> Somebody obviously studied our weather before they built this place.

I didn't try the food this time. I had bought some in a grocery and had it in my freezer at home.

Just stopped in for a beer and saw they had a nice tasty stout on tap.

(Click - twice - on the photos to see more detail.)

I saw ours listed on their web page as a recent opening along with a new Bistro in
Grand Rapids, MI, Providence, RI and Dulles, VA.

Bet none of them has a year 'round open air bar and patio.

Gotta love our Lowcountry!

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