Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday !

It's a fine working television.

It has a "big" screen (well, 46" measured diagonally) and has served me faithfully for about 6 years.

That's a LOT of football games and Comedy Central.

Oh yeah, and PBS and the History Channel.

It never was designed to hang on the wall but, placing it in the corner worked fine.

I understand it would help the economy if I were to go stand or sit in line around midnight.

Maybe get a newer model.

They have made fantastic advances in the last 6 years since I bought this for $999.

The fad of 3-D movies in theaters seems to be winding down. Too expensive.

Don't think I would want to wear tv-viewing-glasses at home.

My comfortable chair's distance from the tv has been perfect for a 46" set.

But I believe the stores are willing to give me a much larger size for about what I paid all those years ago.

Think I'll check it out later tonight.

You can tell I'm serious.

I cleared space for something newer, slimmer and awesome.

(Clicking on the pictures makes the images bigger. Even then the old tv is still going to be only a 46" screen - measured diagonally.)

Shopping at midnight is for people who really like crowds. Saving money always keeps you warm when it's chilly.

Good luck out there!

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