Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday in my neighborhood...

Tanger Outlet Stores in North Charleston has LOTS of parking lot room all around it.

Saturday about 300 neat looking cars & trucks filled some of that open space.

The Street Thunder Classic Car Show, presented by the Corvette Club, had set up a vast array of vehicles, lovingly restored.

I won't call them antiques because I remembered them all and even owned a few.

Well, never did have a Corvette.

But I saw a '65 Mustang and a '57 Chevy that looked familiar.

I remember friends who were told to remove their rear-view mirror fuzzy dice.

Their parents said they blocked the view.

Not good for safe driving.

Hey, remember this was growing up in Charleston in the 1950s.

We had drive-in restaurants.

And these youth-gathering spots served beer.

That evening I revisited the beer memories at Coast Brewing Company on the old Navy Base.

Food Truck Rodeo. Live music by Noodle of the V-Tones. Acres of free parking.

Free admission.

Bring your kids and folding chairs.

This was my first time watching the food wagons circling.

Coast had pints of their product on sale and two fellows from the downtown Beer Exchange offered several brews from Palmetto and Westbrook.

A big hoppy brewers family outing.

There were six trucks this evening.

Cute names like Hello, My Name Is BBQ.

You knew what they were offering to eat.

Pot Kettle was a little more mysterious.

To me, so was Roti Rolls. The longest line seemed to wind way out from Diggity Doughnuts.

I have to add Tokyo Crepe was there, along with Strada Cucina and Geechee Island.

Support these innovative mobile food purveyors.

I'm sure I've heard the V-Tones play with a stand up bass before.

It is nice how it harmonizes with a well-played ukulele.

This evening the music flowed from beneath the moss covered oaks and added to the party atmosphere.

Live music, various foods and lots of beer.

Great night in the "hood."

(Click the photo for more details. Some have been Photoshopped.) Stay alert for more appearances by the Food Truck Rodeo Brigade.Good eats. Thanks for stopping by.

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