Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Brilliant Bank of America!

Wow. What a bold step Bank of America.

Especially for a bank.

Your new $5 fee to access our own money to make an ATM/Debit card purchase was brilliant.

The government NOW will be able to save some dollars by eliminating printing dollars.

The paper one dollar bill.

The gold dollar has been around for quite a while but not used much by the public.

The earlier Susan B. Anthony also was pretty much ignored.

But now the largest U.S. bank has made it clear we should NOT use plastic when buying anything. This is after decades of convincing us we SHOULD.

Instead, we are encouraged to hand over real money.

Wrinkled, folded, "who knows where THIS has been" cash.

Moolah. Simoleons. Dinero. Buckaroos.Wampum. Smackers, Greenbacks.

If you're in a restaurant you should plan to pay with Bread, Dough, Cabbage, Lettuce or Clams.

The Canadians did it years ago by minting ONLY one dollar coins (loonies) and $2 coins (Toonies).

No more paper ones and twos. People then HAD to add jingle to their pockets.

Even the Euros and Pounds Sterling use coins instead of smaller denomination paper bills.

Oh, I'm dropping my account at Bank of America.

They charge you for printing checks, charge you to have a checking account and, I believe, charge you if you want to talk to a teller to ask for your cash.

They are just too fee-free with my money.

(Don't bother to click on the images. They all are from the Internet and tend to shrink and decline in value .) Think you'll stay with Bank of America? My mattress will get lumpy stuffed with paper money and those coins are gonnna be a problem.

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