Monday, July 04, 2011

Very "Social" Media....

I have been very happy to attend gatherings of "Social Media" people.

They are cutting edge.

And you might get to eat and drink. Or get flowers. And usually learn new technology.

Over the years - since I retired from the paper - I have been invited as a local blogger.

Once I was part of a Charleston Cookie caper. I watched as judges choose a new flavor that reflected our city. I believe benne seeds were involved in one entry.

I checked all of the contestants' efforts. Several times.

I also sampled an ice cream flavor contest, invited by these very pleasant Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ fans and practitioners.

A few years ago, I covered the creation of a new Save The Parks group.

We all left with a handful of flower bulbs.

Mine just bloomed for the 4th time.

They pop up and magically appear every summer.

I merely dug holes and then covered up the bulbs.

Last week I attended a gathering at Uno Mas in Mt. Pleasant for a "Social" Happy Hour.

I noticed the fellow from Rawle-Murdy Marketing Communications agency had a camera with two 5 MegaPixel lenses.


It was a phone that took 3-D pictures.

He said it was the htc EVO 3D and he had started at the large ad agency about 18 months ago.

Yes, he was the head of their social media efforts so I asked for his card and handed him mine. He wanted to know if I had a card reader on my phone.

Actually I did have that app, so he brought up his QR (Quick Response) symbol on his phone/camera and I scanned it.

All I had was a handful of quaint old school-type printed "calling" cards. Yikes.

As soon as I got home, I quickly found out how to create my own QR code and now I too can bring up the image for others to scan.

Social media is very groovy.

(Yes I realize now I could have gone online right there to create and respond with my own QR code. Eventually I'll remember I now have a computer in my pocket!) If you scan the QR above it will connect you to the Photo Group I formed 3 years ago. I figured you already knew about my blog. Duh. Thanks for stopping in. Please send me a comment. I'll see it on my Smartphone.

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At Tue Jul 05, 03:58:00 PM , Blogger Adam Nicholas Burke said...

Great article, Chuck! Nice meeting you at Uno Mas the other day.

Adam Nicholas Burke
Social Media Manager
Rawle Murdy

At Wed Jul 06, 02:24:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

Ouch, Adam. I just caught that I had misspelled the name of your agency. I just corrected it.

Notice I HAVE learned to add links.


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