Monday, July 11, 2011

Out In The Noonday Sun....

I tried growing Sun Flowers once.

Planted seeds. And waited. That's the hard way.

Sunday morning I was at Charles Towne Landing and saw a bunch that someone else grew.

That's the best way.

If you have not been over to that park in a while, it's looking good.

Very good and well maintained.

Of course, as I looked around and wiped my brow, I saw I was surrounded my mad dogs and people from England.

It was 93 degrees, hot and humid. Duh. July in the Lowcountry.

The fountains and the lakes looked cool and inviting.

Until I saw the warning about alligators.

Hey, sweat won't kill you. Or chomp on your leg.

The view through the glass at the air conditioned Visitor's Center was refreshing.

I'm sure the heavy rain the day before had some impact on a wedding held in the park.

The crew obviously had set up and taken down tents, tables and chairs before.

I commented he looked like a strong fellow carrying a lot to avoid extra trips.

I did check. The chairs were light aluminium.

The mate on the replica of the ADVENTURE was very helpful and knowledgeable about the 1670s and sailing practices.

"They call this a 'coastal' vessel but you have to remember, the 'coast' extended out to Bermuda, down to the Caribbean and all the way to Africa."

Hate to admit - as it neared noon - the appearance of a shuttle vehicle looked terrific.

Several families who were pushing strollers also hopped on board.

The volunteer driver suggested a stop to see the statue of Cassique, Chief of the Kiawahs, who had helped the colonists get settled.

We were riding now with a breeze in our faces so of course we rode over there.

I remembered coming to this park back in 1976 when the nation was celebrating its Bicentennial.

My Mom had remarked when I called from Missouri that Charleston was noting its TRI-centennial.

Moms. They always win.

(As usual, click on the photos twice for a much larger image. It never did rain on Sunday. Bet that soggy wedding wished they had waited one more day.) Wear a wide-brim hat this time of year. I do.

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At Wed Jul 13, 08:23:00 PM , Blogger Suzie said...

I love Charles Towne Landing and must get back there soon. thanks for reminding me of it!


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