Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gettin' The Lawn Done....

My Mom and I were roommates for 10 years. We shared chores.

A few years after I returned to Charleston, she suggested I move into an apartment she would have built for me in her house.

I thought about having a bachelor pad. I remembered Mom was a great cook.

"Sure," I said. "Let's do that."

My Dad was in a nursing home and she was alone so it was a good move. For both of us.

But I did the maintenance around the house and even bought a riding mower.

She posed one day after she came home from church. That's as close to cutting grass she did at age 89.

Of course, we would go out and party every once in a while.


"C'mon Mom," I would say "just one beer."

And she would pose for another picture.

Mom didn't cut grass.

Mom didn't drink.

She's 95 now and living quite comfortably at Sandpiper in Mount Pleasant.

I thought about this yesterday when a teenager rang my bell and stated "Your lawn sure needs cutting."

He was right of course so I left my riding mower in the storage shed and rewarded this enterprising youth with the grass-cutting assignment.

I pointed out flowers I wished to be spared.

(Click on photos for more detail.) The Yard of Ale was at Back Stage Deli in North Charleston near Otranto. Yes, I do have one of those glasses. Bet you wish you did.

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