Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blues On A Saturday Night....

Went downtown for a production called "Night Of The Blues" at the Music Farm.

MICHAEL MARTIN PRESENTS offered us Asheville's Blond Blues as the opener and the headliner was The Jimmy Thackery Trio , down from Washington.D.C.

Master guitar man Thackery, founder of a wildly popular band The Nighthawks, shook up the place.

People were dancing, clapping and pumping their arms in the air. Whew.

His longtime bass player was Mark Bumgarner and Russ Wilson on drums.

It was an early show - for The Farm - and there were many familiar faces in the crowd.

People often seen following the blues at the Pour House, Home Team BBQ and, formerly, at A Dough Re Mi.

They too had come downtown for the first show by music producer Martin.

Toward the end of the nice, long uninterrupted set, Thackery and bassist Bumgarner left the stage so the drummer would be featured. Russ Wilson then dazzled the crowd with an amazing drum "solo."

At one point he was pounding away with TWO sticks in each hand and then tossed one set over his shoulder.

THEN, he reached down behind him, picked up a marching drum and stepped down from his riser.

The crowd applauded as he quick-stepped to the front of the stage, playing a snappy tattoo before returning to his drum set.

At the end, Michael Martin thanked the enthusiastic crowd and he promised this would be the first of many shows he plans to bring to Charleston.

(Click on the photos to see a larger image. A Blues audience is a little older - and wiser. I saw many were wearing ear protectors. I had mine.)

Thanks for stopping by. Support live music.

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At Sun Jul 17, 08:17:00 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds like my kind of music!!!


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