Sunday, March 20, 2011

Night time Photography...

Friday night I took my camera to take pictures of pictures.

Prize-winning action & adventure sports photos.

The top 50 of 23,000 worldwide entries.

The Red Bull Illume tour started in Dublin, then Houston, Texas and now is here in Charleston on Marion Square.

Only at night.

The unique exhibit of enlarged back-lighted photos was turned on Friday and will be on display evenings from 7:00pm to 11:00pm through Sunday March 27.

My photography group was offered 10 VIP tickets to the opening and we brought our cameras.

Well, DUH. Of course we did.

The challenge, as twilight turned very dark, was to find a balance to show the brightly-lighted images and the people viewing them.

As you'll see on the link, the troops did a fine job of capturing the unique setting.

Kevin Harp, a co-coordinator for the group, probably surprised the sponsors with his use of a silhouetted skateboarder.

Fellow member Dee posed to seemingly "pluck" the airborne skater with her fingers.

This exhibit is very family-friendly.

Parents pushing strollers.

Eager kids crowding close to the images.

There's even one in 3-D and the familiar red and blue glasses are provided.

The only nude shot I saw was from Spain.

It was tastefully presented.

Apparently after a race of some sort, the winner is "de-panted" and tossed into the water.

It looked like the tide was low.

(Click on the photos for details. And click on the group link to see more pictures taken that evening.Go to Marion Square to see this unusual exhibit before it leaves town for Miami. Thanks for stopping by.)

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