Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Toast of the Town....

Growing up in Charleston, I attended a few events at the Dock Street Theatre in the 1950s.

It just re-opened after a massive renovation that took several years and millions of dollars.

The "new look" was given a toast a few nights ago at the end of Noel Coward's play Present Laughter.

I think I startled the man sitting next to me in the 10th row when I eased out my camera and took a picture.

He obviously doesn't know me very well.

My little digital camera is usually with me everywhere I go.

Even after all these years, I remembered the theatre's hard wooden seats were uncomfortable. You'd get a pain in your back.

Part of the expensive re-do was to put pads and cushions in the chairs.

The bad news is it only helps up to the intermission for a 2.5 hour show.

Toward the end, I looked around and saw familiar squirming and shifting around in the seats that I recalled from before.

The play was great ...but it felt good to stand and stretch as we made our way out.

[Click TWICE on the pictures to see more detail. I don't use flash indoors.]

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At Wed Jun 02, 03:29:00 PM , Anonymous Sandy said...

Hi Chuck, nice to meet you. I found your link over at Joan's and I'm doing what she suggested, stop over and say Hi, so here I am. I loved your post on the Tea Festival, I was there too and posted some photo's on my blog.
That was funny about the mud and I loved the photo you captured with the girl in the white top crossing over it.
I will have to come back and read more!
Have a great day and stay cool.


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