Friday, February 19, 2010

Woodman...Spare That Tree. Well, OK, trim it.

20 years ago Hurricane Hugo clipped the top of this cedar.

It grew out instead of up and pointy.

It grew more on the side close to the house and this is not a good thing.

Mother Nature really needed a trim.

A small army of guys showed up to tend to the cedar tree as well as my two oaks with thick limbs that were not being good neighbors.

Oh, and they brought along a huge "chipper" that chomps branches and limbs up to 10" thick.

Among the branches, several birds had taken refuge from the previous night's surprise snowfall.

The sound of many chain saws starting up signaled it was a good time to find another resting spot.

At one point there were "cutters" wearing safety harness in each tree with chain saws buzzing and sawdust flying.

Men on the ground under each tree handled ropes that gently lowered large cut limbs to the ground where they were dragged to the maw of the giant chipper.

Ever see the movie FARGO?

The stately oaks were cut back so they did not hang down in yards next door.

Or brush against my house or scrape shingles on the roof.

Everywhere you looked, there was activity.
Limbs being cut, branches being trimmed.

A man with a big leaf blower appeared to clean up loose debris.

It was all over in one hour.

(If you click on the photos, you'll see more detail. Thank you.)

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