Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Sky at Night Means Pizza ... Right ?

That headline is not exactly what sailors say but the sky WAS tinted red the night of our recent Snow Storm.

Reddish at 2:00 in the morning.

Actually I was just getting home after an evening of live music at the Pour House and had my new "low-light" camera with me.

My neighbor's yard across the street caught my eye and the camera caught the image nicely.

Unfortunately, the line of palm trees in my front yard were droopy.

Snow is quite heavy and we had a really wet snow fall.

The real surprise that evening, er, I mean, that morning was in my back yard.

The 40-foot cedar had boughs hanging low and several oaks came close to challenging power lines. These trees were scheduled for a severe trim later that morning.

I thought the tree service people would wait until the snow melted. I was right.

They came at noon instead of 9am.

(For some amazing nighttime details, click on the photos. My Canon S90 did good.)

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