Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tootin' Your Horn.....

This was not really MY horn.

And this is more of a flute than a horn.

I came across some more pictures from my 1970s days at Universal Studios. My job was to promote and publicize the new Tour.

Well, not with this horn/flute. I was just roaming around the Props section of the studio Back Lot.

One of the Tour trams is parked in the background.

When I visited Los Angeles a few years ago and took the Tour, the 3-car trams were just about the only thing that had not changed in nearly 40 years.

I did not see a giant cell phone or ipod.

Or a push-button telephone.

When this large phone was placed up at the Tour Center, it had a sign saying "Keep Off."

I had suggested saying "Don't Touch That Dial."

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