Friday, September 12, 2008

Post -Trip Diet

They say that "travel is broadening." If they mean all the food you sample, that's a TRUE statement.

It started innocently enough - an English Breakfast. In London. However, I was NOT expecting pork & beans on the plate!?

At least the "Fish & Chips" looked like I thought it should. I once had had it served wrapped in a newspaper but that was years ago. I don't remember small green peas with that one.

Looking over a menu for an English dinner, I naturally chose the
Bubble & Squeak" with my Shepherd's Pie.

I am pretty sure I would remember if I had ever had "Squeak" before.
A Belgian waffle, I discovered at breakfast, is light and airy and really is eaten as a snack throughout the day. Colorful but not very filling.

In Bruges, Belgium, seated on the Market below the looming bell tower, the waiter amused himself by bringing us EACH a bucket of Mussels from Brussels. Looking around, we quickly realized diners usually shared a single bucket.

We did share a plate of "frits" as we pried out the tasty mussels using one of the shells as a tweezer tool.

The Amsterdam pancake was a thin crepe covered with fruit, whipped cream and even a scoop of ice cream.

You certainly did NOT have to add maple syrup even though each table had a large vat with a ladle at hand.

One night, after wandering in and out various "coffee shops" and mushroom bars, we had a sudden urge to eat some Mideastern fare and a pita bread stuffed with lamb looked - and tasted - great.

This was after a huge slice of pepperoni pizza

Wonder why the sudden munchies attack?

(Click on pictures for make-you-hungry details)

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At Mon Sep 15, 05:22:00 PM , Blogger Elvin said...

All that food makes me hungry, especially the Belgian waffle. Welcome back, Chuck.


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