Thursday, August 14, 2008

Photographer's monthly Meetup...

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Photographers Group that I formed back in February.

About 20 people came to North Towne Grill and brought their digital and film cameras. It's very informal and we're all "students" eager to learn how to get the most from our hobby.

Two members actually are professionals and earn their income in photography.

Each month we encourage members to burn about 20 favorite photos to a CD and be part of the very popular Show & Tell.

I usually throw in a shot or two from when I was a news photographer for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

My son Chris, 2, and our dog Fido provided a hot weather "filler" during the dog days of August.

Today he is 43 and probably would not have enjoyed my selection as much as the Group did.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Join us on September 10. Bring your camera...and the instruction booklet.You will have a fun time and you WILL learn something.

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At Fri Aug 15, 01:28:00 AM , Anonymous Heidi @ Carolina Dreamz said...

Hi Chuck! Great meetup. I even was able to take a better photo for my blog, last night. I'm so excited to learn about the macro. Liz was so great!

I wasn't sure there was anything for me, at these meet-ups.. but I trusted James. Now he is MIA.. and I'm going to rag him out, online, all month, to see if I can get him back to the meet-ups. :)

Have fun and be safe on your trip!

At Tue Aug 26, 08:42:00 PM , Blogger Paula Roberts said...

Hi Chuck,

It's been a while since I checked out your blog. I got your email a while back and then lost it (sometimes I read and delete faster than I should.) Anyway, it's great to see you still blogging away and I am totally envious of those in Charleston who get to be part of your camera club. I imagine they will learn a lot and with photos like the one from San Diego they will be entertained as well.

Just wanted to check in and say, "Hi" again. I actually got to help out the photographers at my paper in Hendersonville by taking photos at an event celebrating Historic Flat Rock (or Little Charleston as it is often referred to.) It was really a great experience and hopefully they will use some of my shots in the Fall issue of Mountain Traditions, the magazine we publish 3 times a year.

I know it's not even close to what all you have done .... but it's a start.

Keep bloggin'

Paula Roberts


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