Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Scream, You Scream ...

It's late July. Summer in Charleston.

It's a sizzling 93 degrees with matching high humidity. Sure could use some relief.

Happily, I was invited to Circa 1886 for a judging of new flavors of ice cream...with a Charleston touch.

Among the 200 entries one was named "Pluffmud" which says Holy City to me. But ... what would be the main ingredient?

Three judges sampled the three final concoctions: "Seersucker," Charleston Gold" and "Cobblestone Cobbler.". They were the (ice) cream of the crop.

None of the finalists had actually whipped up a batch of ice cream so Executive Chef Marc Collins decided which mixtures could be made up in the kitchen.

The winner was Kevin Kelly of Mt. Pleasant with his tasty "Seersucker" made by blending French vanilla, blueberries, pieces of Charleston Chew candy bar and boiled peanuts. Wow!

Actually, Chef Collins had substituted dry roasted peanuts but the winner was delicious and crunchy. It will be the featured dessert for August at the upscale restaurant tucked behind the Wentworth Mansion B&B.

I tasted all three contenders. Several times.

We bloggers want to be invited back to media events.

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At Fri Aug 01, 04:19:00 PM , Blogger Kevin Kelly said...

Okay, the word "euphoria" would not begin to describe the look on my face after winning the ice cream contest. I honestly do not remember being as excited as I seemed on your blog. Thanks to you for covering the big event and capturing the spirit of the day. I enjoyed looking through your previous posts and will continue to check in on your blog. Take care, Kevin Kelly,
Ice Cream Design Consultant


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