Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Me And Tiger Woods...

Well, the big difference is Tiger Woods is losing out on millions of dollars as his knee heals.

MY left knee, on the other hand, has been bothering me for some time and even swim therapy did not help. Today I had an Arthroscopy done to clean out scraps of torn meniscus (yes, I had to look it up. It's cartilage).

Instead of a long scar up, over and around the knee cap, this procedure leaves only two small "portals." One hole is where a tiny camera is inserted so the doctor can "look around inside the joint" and the other is where he pushes in tools to correct problems. Like a torn meniscus.

Years ago I saw a sign in a doctor's office: SURGERY $500. : $50 for the cutting and $450 to know WHERE to cut.
Before the procedure, I mentioned to the nurse that fasting from midnight meant I had skipped my morning coffee. She said she would add some caffeine to my IV. I've heard that for years as a joke but she sounded serious. She added it would ward off a possible headache from lack of coffee.

They also added some other chemicals to relax me and I vaguely remember being wheeled out, headed for the OR where the anesthesiologist had prepared what was needed. The next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room. The doctor had told me earlier we would meet again in 6 days when he would remove stitches and review with me pictures taken inside my knee. They said he had stopped by the recovery room but I have a blank memory of all that.

First night home and all the deadening has worn off but there's no pain - at least not yet - and I have some prescribed pills if needed.

I hope Tiger's $million knee feels as good as mine.

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At Tue Jun 24, 11:44:00 PM , Anonymous Japee said...

Oh, I hope it takes care of it!

At Wed Jun 25, 12:26:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery! Sounds like something I need to do. Semper Fi! Carla

At Wed Jun 25, 02:16:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...


Well, it appears that DAY 2 is a reality check instead of wishful thinking.

Ice, ice and more ice.


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