Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bright Spot at End Of The Line...

The Piccolo Spoleto Blues train came to its last stop Sunday on Bowen's Island and it was a lively well-received finish.

Chocolate Thunder, Linda Rodney, performed on an improvised deck next to the sunny salt marshes behind the yet-to-be-rebuilt famed restaurant.

The last Blues event of the annual Art Festival series was named "Divas of the Blues" and also featured Shelley Magee & The Bad Deeds.

Paper platters of fried fish, hushpuppies and boiled shrimp were prepared "somewhere" and delivered 15-20 minutes later to patrons waiting by the screened dock that now serves as the restaurant's dining area.

The rollicking music, the salty breeze and the aromas of fresh fried seafood made it a spectacular finale. I'm glad I was there and VERY glad I ordered the larger portion called "whole lotta shrimp" for peeling and eating.

This report didn't make it into Spoleto Today but I wanted to make sure the ladies knew they were a hit in Charleston.

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