Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Travel note: August 26....

Well, yes, it WAS a Tuesday. And I was climbing up and down hundreds of steps in churches, bell towers and museums in Brugge. In Belgium.

After leaving Amsterdam I had gotten adventuresome and hopped off the train in Antwerp - instead of the planned route through Brussels - and then realized the Dutch conductor had mentioned several possible track numbers.

Ended up on a "local" that stopped at MANY picturesque and possibly even charming small towns along the way. The sun had set and it was very dark out.

Arrived in Brugge (in Flemish) or Bruges (in English) where a rail station person showed me the "let your fingers do the walking" gesture with his hand when I asked how I might get downtown. Eventually found a cab driven by a NASCAR wannabe.

I had already been in Amsterdam for a few days before and a return trip was scheduled back there. Might have missed a museum. No, not likely. Had even found and explored a 4-story church hidden inside a canal-side private home.

I intend to get a copy of the 1969 movie and see if any of the sights look familiar.

Hey, they should, they date back to at least the 1400s.

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At Wed Sep 03, 11:32:00 PM , Anonymous joan said...

Too fun! Don't jump out of any bell towers!


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