Saturday, July 12, 2008

The "BIG" Picture

Six months ago I formed the 21st Century Photography (Digital & Film) Meetup Group and we meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

July 9 was our best attendance so far and I asked everyone to wave at the camera. It was at a Greek restaurant so I should have shouted "Say Goat Cheese."

We now have 54 members and basically are photographers and wannabes of all ages. Everyone has cameras and wants to learn more but only one is a true professional, working at a studio.

Members suggested we find a quiet place with a separate room for meetings so we did.

Another said a monthly theme would be good to express our version of a common idea.

The July topic was "Looking Down" so here's my view through a glass floor atop the CN Tower in Toronto

The very first theme was carefully worded to open wide a full spectrum of responses but I took a literal usage.

It was "Something Round" and I chose a shot taken during a drive to Charlotte for an Eric Clapton concert.

My buddy's Prius was reflected in the shiny hubcaps of 18-wheelers we were passing so I took quite a few to get this one. Man, I like digital.

For more details on the photography club, click on the headline above. There's no charge to join and you'll meet a great group of people.

Be sure to bring your camera and 20 of your favorite shots for Show & Tell.

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