Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hooray For Hollywood......S.C.

I'm closer to Hollywood, South Carolina now than the West Coast Hollywood when I lived in California. A few days ago I was an "extra" in a film. I never did that when I lived in Burbank.

(Oh, the night before, my favorite pizza restaurant near Park Circle was closed because ARMY WIVES was being filmed across the street. I was not in that tv show.)

Nick Smith - author, blogger, film producer - posted a notice he needed people on Saturday to form a town meeting/press conference crowd for a film he's finishing up at the old Navy Yard.

It's an action espionage film called "Cold Soldiers" so I emailed him I would be there.

We were asked to show up at 8 am and were assured we would be released by noon. Or sooner. An offbeat way to spend a Saturday morning.

Pam, his assistant, selected people from the audience to portray board members, others to be photographers moving around snapping flashes and I was asked if I would play a newspaper reporter taking notes on my small pad.

Hey, I even had my own notebook and pen with me. Talk about type-casting.

It believe it's the first time I've worn a tie since I retired four years ago from the newspaper.

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At Tue Jul 01, 04:34:00 PM , Anonymous Nick Smith said...

I'm honored to make a cameo on Chuckography!

Thanks for the mention. I'm glad you found the morning extraordinary.

Next time we'll stretch your acting abilities a little further...

Nick Smith

At Thu Jul 03, 11:33:00 PM , Blogger Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Fun, fun! Can't wait to see it. Sorry I missed out.


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