Friday, May 23, 2008

High Tech Spoleto....

Hey, I'm now a Citizen Journalist, invited to give some "electronic" blog coverage for this year's Spoleto.

Officially, I am known as a SpoJo.

This Sunday evening, May 25, Spoletians can experience the wonderful Miss Wanda Johnson, a highly-talented Lowcountry Blues specialist, at A Dough Re Mi Pizzeria in Mt. Pleasant.

The 3-hour show starts at 8pm so, for heaven's sake, get over there and check her out. I've had the pleasure of listening several times and can attest she is fantastic. The venue has a great sound system and is ideally suited for both performers and for the audience.

And, in addition to a great serving of Blues, you can munch a hot slice (or two) of delicious pizza as you support the arts.

Be sure to check for FULL Festival coverage at

[Miss Wanda is pictured at The Mills House during a February Blues Bash]

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