Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Camera Doesn't Lie.....yeah, right!

So it's the last day of the annual "Be A Tourist In Your Own Town"
and I am checking off places I will visit..the Aquarium, the Military Museum, the Powder Magazine and...Karpeles Manuscript Museum.

Fascinating to look at pieces of paper that give us a written link to the famous and some infamous. I was reminded how often Popes - and their families - were involved in history.

I stepped out and crossed the street to take a picture of the former church that houses one of the nine Karpeles Museums across the country and realized Spring Street obviously has never considered underground power lines. No way to avoid them.But, of course, that was before PhotoShop.

I am organizing a Photography Meetup February 13, at 7:00pm at Madra Rua Irish Pub & Grill in North Charleston, near Park Circle. I sure hope a few people versed in PhotoShop will sign up and attend.

I can use a LOT of help.

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