Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Town's Great "Backyard!"

My blog usually shies away from talking about past performances by musicians - ha ha, look what you missed - but here's something you can plan ahead for NEXT January.

The Chamber found the quietest tourism month was chilly January so it created "Be A Tourist In Your Own Town" to stir up some activity by locals during that quiet period.

For $20, a person gains free access to 35 attraction and discounts at 11 good restaurants.

Most offer "buy one, get one free" meals and several include each of their eateries so you can enjoy their seafood specials several times.

On the day I visited (for my first time) the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, everyone in the group was a local, taking advantage of free admission.

One of the tour guides liked my hat so we swapped head coverings.

I have bought and used the "In Your Own Town" pass for several years and have taken free tours of Patriot's Point, Boone Hall Plantation and Fort Sumter. It doesn't take long to get your $20 worth of value.

The whole idea - in addition to generating business during a slow month - is to get locals excited and informed on where to take their visitors to The Holy City. Sort of like a New Yorker going to see the Statue of Liberty or riding to the top of the Empire State building.

You know these things are there and this gives you a sound reason to check it out.

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