Thursday, January 17, 2008

My wide-screen cat...

As many of my blog readers know, I'm a former Marine and some are aware I have an orange critter who lets me live here.

Wally Jr. is an inspiration and role model .......for Morris the Cat. Talk about attitude.

When I purchased a 22" wide screen monitor, I wanted a distinctive look for its background image and, because he likes to plop down on my desk - often blocking the screen - he was my first candidate choice. He approves this message.

Because I am an "Old Corps" Marine, I need to comment on a few things my younger brother mentioned in a long comment to my posting about his being a "Marine For A Day" back in the 1950s.

Dear Brother, we are NEVER called "soldiers." We prefer Leatherneck, Jarhead, Gyrene, etc or simply Marine. All such titles are capitalized, spoken reverently and with respect.

It's true I brought home a few buddies from the base at Camp LeJeune so they could enjoy a Charleston break - and help fill the gas tank - but they were not "recruits."

A soon-to-be-Marine spending 11 intense weeks of boot camp at Parris Island does not go on weekend leisure excursions unless the entire platoon goes, marching and running in cadence while helpful Drill Instructors make constant shouted suggestions.

Reading his response, I HAD forgotten that we spaced ourselves apart going through the chow line at the mess hall so BOYD written on our uniforms would not be one after the other. I also had suggested that he ask for extra shingles for his SOS.


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