Friday, December 14, 2007

Gas Was 30 Cents A Gallon..

Yes, that's Jack Webb on the right. I am on the left, wearing more hair than necessary.

Just the facts ma'am.

It's 1973 and we are in the first "oil crisis" of the decade. (The other one came along in 1977). Gas was selling for 29.9 a gallon (regular) until OPEC decided to back off production and frustrated people were forced to wait in long, long lines to try and get the suddenly scarce fuel.

Mr. Webb and I actually met in a recording studio at Universal Studios. I was writing Public Service announcements and he was one of the celebrities who agreed to read my words which suggested what could be done as an alternative when gas became scarce.

Ed McMahon, Steve Allen and others agreed to record these PSAs but I was REALLY thrilled to tell Jack Webb "Er, Mr. Webb, let's try that again ...and, uh, maybe with more emotion please."

He gave a second reading, then, looking over the microphone and into the glass of the booth, he said "That's it kid."

A proud moment indeed.

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