Thursday, November 01, 2007

This Will Lead Nowhere ...

My cat is easygoing and affable. Well, as much as a cat decides to be.

Recently, on a trip to Washington, D.C., I saw a man walking his cat on a leash and the cat seemed ok with it. I had not ever seen that before.

But, as they started across Dupont Circle - and cars appeared - the cat stopped and would not walk, even though they both were in the crosswalk and legally had the right of way. The man simply picked up the cat and finished crossing, put the cat down on the sidewalk and they walked out of view.

Hey, bet my cat would like to do that. I was almost right.

He doesn't mind the lead slipped around his neck and it slides along behind him as he roams around, from room to room. He ignores it. Just as I thought's NOT a big deal.

That is, until I pick up the end and suggest we go where I would like to go. He stops. He balks. He becomes a 13.1 pound door stop. He looks up at me in a pitying manner and sucks his teeth, muttering "Tsk, tsk."

I wonder how long it took the guy in D.C. to train his cat to stay inside the painted lines of the crosswalk?

And look both ways.

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