Monday, November 05, 2007

Caution ..... High Clearance

Going back to my days in the 1960s working for a newspaper in San Diego, here's a sign on a new section of freeway that made me exit, turn around and go back to take a picture.

About the only time you EVER think about how high the clearance under something is when you're driving a rental moving van and you have to think about driving somewhere that might hit the top of the oversize truck.

I once drove a borrowed VW bus into an underground parking garage and scrapped the top. I just wasn't used to being that tall when I drove.

This highway clearance sign was a joke put up by the guys who had worked on the new freeway. I have never seen a vehicle on the road that would not clear - easily - an overpass that loomed ahead with "only" 76 feet to spare.

How WIDE would that vehicle be??

(Click on photo to see details.)

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At Wed Nov 28, 12:28:00 PM , Blogger Cheap Shots said...

This made me laugh. Thanks Chuck, for commenting on my blog. I've bookmarked yours so I'll be checking it out.



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