Friday, July 27, 2007

My Blogger World....

I came across an interesting website that allows you to pull up a list of 193 countries so you can indicate which ones you have visited.

My list of various countries visited would be rather short but I did indicate the countries where viewers of my blog reside and that becomes quite a visual display.

The 54 countries of my viewers are colored in red on the world map and it shows that nearly 30% of the world's nations are represented.

Comments about what's listed and what's not on the site often are quite testy, many are politically incorrect and a few are ignorant of basic geography.

Many people maintain that Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland are 4 separate countries rather than the simple United Kingdom option that is given.

Taiwan SHOULD be listed separately instead of being included as part of China say others. And Hong Kong is not listed at all.

One complainer wanted to know why the nation of Texas was missing.


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