Sunday, July 22, 2007

ALL Statues Should Be White Marble...

A fellow blogger proposed we start a picture category called "Stand By Your Statue" as an ongoing visual meme.

Since I like to dig around in my stacks of photos, I quickly searched for a few candidates and came up with a king that had been royally pooped on in Montreal.

Wonder if any city has ever erected a statue of a pigeon?

Roaming around downtown in Atlanta, looking for the famed replica of the New York City Flat Iron Building, I had to stop when I came across this bronze lady reading a paper.

Either the birds have not found the memorial for Councilwoman Barbara Miller Asher yet or statue cleaning maintenance is much better in Georgia than it is in Quebec. However, her briefcase did have cigarette butts in it.

I try to wear my Tilley wide-brimmed "sun hat" everywhere I go and this bust in Seattle caught my eye since Chief Seattle must have heard the same advice from his dermatologist.

This monument was in a park at the bottom of a steep slope headed to the mill, near the river.

A tour guide had just pointed out that it was NOT a great part of Seattle to live in during the busy heyday of lumbering. There were many, many accidents and lots of destruction caused as logs were sliding by on the greased road.

Fortunately, there were not many homes here..mainly just bars. The area originally was called Skid Road.

Today we call such a place Skid Row.

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At Mon Jul 23, 06:37:00 AM , Anonymous joan said...

Chcuk - you are away ahead of me! These are grand. Here is the site folks you can send photos too: standbyyourstatue He is traveling right now so it will take a while but eventually he posts them.

At Thu Jul 26, 04:32:00 PM , Blogger CarolinaDreamz said...

Statues kind of scare me.. "kind a" LOL

I have some blog friendz that photograph themselves kissing statues.. I don't suppose those would be real appropriate..

Is that the origin of "skid row"? I didn't know that.

I'm off to the market.. hope its not too hot out.. its was nice a few evenings last week..



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